Ten Ways To Keep You Sugar Baby Love Lasting Forever

How To Make Your Sugar Daddy Relationship Last

Not all relationships are meant to last FOREVER. Unfortunately, this may be even more true for extend your stay in each other’s lives.

1. Cook

Cooking together is a great way to talk but have a healthy distraction of whatever makes your mouth water while still spending good time together.

2. Eat Food Together

2. Eat Food Together So you have done dinner but what comes next? Why not pop some popcorn and watch a movie you have never seen or a movie you both enjoy.

3. Board Games

Feeling competitive, but in a healthy way? See who can stand the test of monopoly. There is nothing that says longevity like making it to the end of that particular game.

4. Music

Whether you enjoy conversing over smooth jazz or blasting your favorite new top 40 playlists, press play or crank them up to have a meaningful conversation about the music you both love or start a spur-of-the-moment dance party in your living room.

5. Take A Drive

A little bit of scenery never hurt anyone. You can sit in silence and enjoy the view or talk while you watch the world pass you by.

6. Get Creative

6. Get Creative Are either of you an artist of some kind? Whip out the paint and brushes or pull out the acoustic. It never takes too long for a creative person to involve others to enjoy their craft. Have FUN with it!

7. Dinner in Bed

I do not know about you personally, but if I could marry my bed, I would. Considering food was my number one and number two you also know how strongly I think the daily activities we solemnly enjoy but take for granted can be turned into something more. Chow down and then relax and leave the dishes till morning.

8. Get Dressed Up

8. Get Dressed Up This can go both ways maybe you both are inclined to wear suits everyday to work. Dress down in your comfiest clothes or get spruced up and hit the town. Either way can do the trick. Just flip it and reverse it and enjoy.

9. Write a Poem

Or if you were good with that acoustic up there, write a song. This one is one you can do on your own but it is the reaction that counts.

10. Surprises at Work

This is the place you most likely do not see each other. Since you met online, sending some flowers or showing up with a surprise to the workplace is a great way to show you are there for partner. Just make sure they do not have an important business meeting and you are not standing outside yelling that awesome poem you wrote like a real love, and prosper my friend. Seeking Private Arrangements? Read This Review Now!