Secrets Of A Sugar Baby: How A Sugar Daddy Changed Me

Sugar Baby Confessions: A Sugar Daddy Always Calls Twice

First A broke student

First A broke student Two years ago I was a poor, twenty one year old student. I was working two jobs and still couldn’t afford to pay my tuition. Other students had parents who would help them out, but I’d been estranged from my family for years. They couldn’t accept my ‘lifestyle’ and would never help me out financially. I lived in a cheap, dirty apartment. As my grades started to fall I seriously considered dropping out of school, just so I could pay rent.

Sugar Daddy Dating

But that’s when my friend recommended checking out a free sugar dating website. At first I was skeptical, but I honestly didn’t know what else to do. So I signed up and within the first week I had several potential sugar daddies contacting me. I replied to one gentleman. About fifty five, he was handsome and well-dressed in his pictures.

The First Date

We arranged a meeting at a local coffee shop. He was already waiting there when I arrived. I was feeling shy but he immediately made me feel comfortable. He was funny and interesting and sexy. I asked him why he would need a to use a sugar daddy dating website to find someone to date. Surely he would have no trouble finding any number of dates out in the real world. He told me that he had found a number of potential dates, but the idea of finding a young, handsome lover excited him. He had plenty of money and knew how hard it was just be able to survive in the city.

We Took It Slow

We Took It Slow We took it slow at first. We would go out to a few public events here and there and he would help me with my rent and tuition. Although it felt a bit weird the first time or two, I soon began to love dating a sugar daddy. I felt like an amazing piece of arm candy to a dapper and suave gentleman. He took me to museums and art galleries and the opera. He was buying me presents and I felt special. Soon our mutual attraction began to consume us and we began to make love. He was an incredible lover! He had obviously learned many tricks over the years and used them all on me. I learned a lot and he was very attentive to my needs, as I was to his.

Vacation To Rome

One time, he was going on a business vacation to Rome and asked if I’d like to come along. Of course I would! I’d never travelled abroad before. It was incredibly exciting. We toured the Colosseum, drank wine and ate the most amazing pasta! The people were friendly and the boys were beautiful. My sugar daddy was so romantic. He was also quite knowledgable about Roman history and I learned all about Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. I felt amazing. I couldn’t possibly have guessed that all this would happen to me just from joining a free sugar daddy dating website.

Goodbye Sugar Daddy

Sadly, my first sugar daddy and I ended out relationship after six months. He got new a job in another city and moved away. We still stay in contact online and he has visited me a few times. I’ve had a few more sugar daddies since then, and currently have a wonderful daddy right now, but I will never forget my first one. He was special. So no matter what you do in life, keep an open mind and try new things. Because joining a sugar daddy dating site was one of the best decisions of my life, but I would never have guessed it before I signed up. Seek A Private Arrangement Tonight And Read Our Review Now!