How Much Should A Sugar Daddy Give Their Sugar Baby?

How Much Money Should You Give Your Sugar Baby?

There is no one clear answer, and as with many things in life, you generally get out of it what you put into it. There are no rules to the amount that sugar daddies give their sugar babies. It has to do with a number of factors. Here are some tips to try and decide how much money you should give out or if you can find something better.

Tip #1: Date around

Play the field. It might not be clear based upon their profile picture how much money a sugar baby is looking for. Does her picture show her sipping champagne on a yacht? Is she posing in her small apartment? Is she at her college with a stack of books? The only way to know for sure is to date around and find someone who you can actually support. There are many young women out there willing to date older sugar daddies. Cast your net wide and focus on your juiciest catch.

Tip #2: Ask Them To Be Honest About Their Financial Needs

Tip #2: Ask Them To Be Honest About Their Financial Needs When you are on your first date, be absolutely clear about what you expect from YOUR SUGAR BABY. Ask them what they need. If they need their rent covered, ask her to say so. If she’s struggling to pay her tuition, ask her about it. But remember, you don’t waste your time with her. If she’s asking too much, move on and find someone else.

Tip #3: Multiple sugar babies may be necessary

Tip #3: Multiple sugar babies may be necessary If you’re having trouble landing that one big sugar baby who can completely take care of your needs, try dating a few different sugar babies at the same time. You can see each of them less, and support them less, plus you can also keep things exciting. Different sugar babies will be interested in different gifts and amounts . Some may be more inclined to join you travelling and enjoy doing things with you. Others may be content to simply accept your money. Sometimes its only by dating multiple women that you can feel truly fulfilled.

Tip #4: Have clear goals and understand how to achieve them

If a sugar baby needs a certain amount of money to support her lifestyle, she may be more inclined to offer sometime special. Remember that the women you are dating are also using sugar daddy dating sites and are probably going on dates with other sugar daddies, at least initially. So make sure that you are a fun and interesting date. If you are willing or interested in having sex with your sugar baby make sure they know that. If you have certain kinks or desires, this may also make you more attractive to a potential sugar baby. Everyone can feel lonely and if you’re willing to go above and beyond then you’ll make your sugar baby feel special. Especially when it comes to SEX. Men will always be more generous to those that take the time to give them exactly what they want and every sugar baby knows this. Find the right one(s) for you! Find The Sugar Baby Of Your Dreams On Millionaire Match! Read Our Review Now!