The Best Tips On How To Dress For Your Sugar Daddy

The Best Tips On How To Dress For Your Sugar Daddy

We usually talk about tips for the Daddies but this one is a tip for all those potential Sugar Babes out there looking to dazzle their potential Sugar Dad. A lot of Sugar Babies dip themselves into the sugar bowl because they’re in need of a little assistance. Sugar Daddy Dating can be daunting because of that. Imagine, you’re about to meet up with a rich and well established man and you can barely pay rent some months! It’s okay. You need some tips on how to dress for that first Sugar Daddy Date? We’ve got you covered. Read more!

Don’t Worry About The Thrift Bin

Don't Worry About The Thrift Bin This is a touchy topic, but lets cut to the chase: you’re taking a dip in the sugar bowl because you need a little loving for more than just your body. A good Sugar Daddy is going to want to dote on you. He’s GENEROUS and happy to help out his Sugar Baby in whatever way she needs as long as he gets some sugar back. While there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for the date, don’t worry if your clothing isn’t “in season” and don’t worry about a little thrifting.

Shopping For Less Money but Not Less Quality

There are plenty of ways you can get the right attire for way less than shopping you would if you were shopping at the trendy boutique stores. If this is the beginning of your sugar career, you might want to read up on what’s in style (patterns and colours) and then head out to your favourite ‘for less’ fashion outlet. Make sure that you’re buying things that are both casual (good for lunch dates) and sexy (good for dinner and outings). Biggest tip we can give you: buy things that are timeless. None of this hip, cool for one season, wear.

Skip the Skin

If you’re going on a cruise, sure. Skin it up and wear that sexy bikini. What is important here is that you want to dress appropriately. A Sugar Daddy wants his Sugar Baby to have class. Wear heels, and if you’re tall wear a shorter heel. Dresses in the evening (or a fun summer dress if the weather is appropriate). Skip showing off too much skin. It’s not classy and your Sugar daddy is unlikely to appreciate it. You want to give him something to look forward to at the end of the night. Keep is sleek and stylish.

To Accessorize or Not to Accessorize

To Accessorize or Not to Accessorize Girls love jewelry, but if you overdo it you’re going to look more trashy than wealthy to your Sugar Daddy. Big and obnoxious gems should be left at home. Skip the bangles. Don’t wear hoop earrings. If you have several rings around your finger choose maybe one or two that speak to you and compliment your outfit.

Let’s Talk About Hair

C’mon girls! You know all there is to know about making sure your hair is a perfect match for your outfit. Don’t slack off now. Leave the high pony tail behind and exchange it for something natural if you’re going casual or a classic do if you’re hitting the scene with class and style. If you are looking for the perfect sugar daddy, CLICK HERE!