Top 4 Turn Offs That Drive Sugar Daddies Nuts

Top 4 Turn Offs That Drive Sugar Daddies Nuts

We get it. You’re young and free. And broke. So you decided to join a sugar daddy dating website to try and snag yourself a cute older man who will take care of you both financially and emotionally. But there is one catch; you have some behaviors that make you unattractive to the opposite sex. Here are some of the worst ones to look out for in your potential sugar baby. (Also, if you Sugar Daddies are reading this and you recognize them in yourself, then you might want to work on that too)!

Bad Behavior #1: Being insecure

Now this doesn’t mean that you must at all times exude confidence and have nothing to feel insecure about. It means that you recognize what you are insecure about and don’t talk about it constantly. Focus on things you are good at. Try to keep things positive. If you’re insecure about your body, simply believe your sugar daddy when he tells you that he loves it. Nobody likes a fragile ego. So get over yourself. Your sugar daddy likes you and wants to be with you and that should be enough for you.

Bad Behavior #2: No future plans

Bad Behavior #2: No future plans Maybe for now its fun to go out with friends all night and sleep all day, but this lifestyle cannot last. Even if your sugar daddy supports you and lets you get away with this behavior, it won’t benefit your relationship in the long run. People who have dreams and ambitions and actively work towards achieving them are attractive. If your sugar daddy is financially supporting you, show him where that money is going. It should be going towards helping you better yourself and start a lucrative career. No one like a lazy slacker so do not be one!

Bad Behavior #3: Being Indecisive

Bad Behavior #3: Being Indecisive Sometimes its hard to make decisions. There’s no map to guide you through life. But if you are constantly indecisive it will make you UNATTRACTIVE to anyone. If you are asked what you prefer for dinner do not answer with ‘I don’t know’ or ‘you decide’. Just pick something you enjoy. Chances are your sugar daddy will like it too. This works for the relationship decisions as well. If you are asked whether or not you want to go somewhere, or move in together or take things to a next level, if you are indecisive you may kill whatever feelings were there. Nobody wants to be with someone who is not sure if they want to be there. So look deep inside yourself and figure out what you want and ask for it. Nine times out of ten you’ll be rewarded for your decisions, not punished. So pull up your socks and put yourself and your desires out there.

Bad Behavior #4: Being too into yourself

You may be smart and funny and drop dead gorgeous but if you are too into yourself you will turn others off. Be humble about your short comings and do not shove your best features in your sugar daddy’s face. He knows you are smart and funny and drop dead gorgeous otherwise he wouldn’t be dating you. But he doesn’t need to be constantly reminded about it. Looks fade. People who are too into themselves have a way of driving others away. So focus on being interesting and developing a wonderful attitude. People who may be drawn to your looks or your charm will stick around when you demonstrate that you are more than a pretty face. Learn some hobbies and follow your passions. Read books and stay up to date on world news. Don’t comment again on how good you look in your new jeans even if you really, really do. Is A Sugar Daddy Dating Site You Need To Join Today!