Sugar Daddy Dating Advice – Never Too Old For Love

The Sugar Daddy Dating Advice Column – Never Too Old For Love

The Sugar Daddy Dating Advice Column - Never Too Old For Love

Only One Daddy

Q: I’ve been having a GREAT time using a free sugar daddy dating site for the last several months and I have a few sugar daddies currently supporting me. They’re nice and I enjoy them all. However, one of them has recently asked me to be exclusive to him. I’m open to the idea, but worried that if I stop seeing the other daddies then I’ll give him all the power in our relationship. I will need more money from him and am also not sure how to bring this up. As this is all new to me I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is in this situation. Some advice would be greatly appreciated! -Only One Daddy A: It sounds like you’re approaching this situation with a level head and a clear mind, OOD. Being exclusive to one sugar daddy could indeed end up giving him all the power in your relationship. One way to make sure that you stand on equal footing with him is to set up some careful boundaries. Let him know that even though you agree not to date anyone else, this does not mean he owns you. You can still leave anytime and go back to your other sugar daddies or find new ones. You have successfully navigated sugar daddy online dating and can always return to it. Just let him know that you are choosing to be there provided that he fulfills your needs and your wallet. You asked how to bring it up, but don’t be shy about it. If he is bold enough to ask you to be exclusive, then you need to be bold enough to ask for the money to make it worth your while. I’m sure he will appreciate your straightforward approach and give you what you want. Remember that communication is the key here. Don’t feel like you cannot say what you feel and what you want. It takes TWO TO TANGO and you are willing to be a good dance partner if he plays by your rules.

Not Too Old For Love

Not Too Old For Love Q: I am a sixty year old man in search of love. I’ve been out of the dating loop for a while and have been considering using a sugar daddy dating website to find that special someone. The idea of being with a much younger sugar baby is exciting but frightening at the same time. I have enough money to make someone happy and put them through school. The problem is that I haven’t been on a date in years and don’t feel like I have what it takes to keep someone younger than me sexually fulfilled. I’m more interested in the romance aspect of dating than the sexual part. Will I let my potential future lover down, or are there young people out there who would rather spend the day in a museum than in BED? -Old But Still Searching A: This is an interesting question OBSS. But I have a rather boring answer. And it is that yes, there are young people out there that would be more than happy to spend the day with you in a museum. Young people are not just looking for sex, but also companionship. They need a mentor in their lives who loves talking and debating and might be happy to take the pressure off having sex. I would recommend putting your interest in friendship over sex on your dating profile so that any potential sugar baby know exactly what you are interested in and what they might expect from a relationship with you. Many sugar babies are online to gain financial support. Others are looking for some hot sex with older men. Some may simply want the kind of friendship that you are offering. You cannot know until you put yourself out there and start dating. Do not be too shy and don’t think that you are asking too much. There is someone out there for everyone so join up with a sugar daddy dating website now and do yourself a favor. There is no time like the present to begin your sugar daddy dating quest! Seeking Private Arrangements Is Easy When You Join!