The Sugar Daddy Dating Advice Column – New To Dating?

Dating Advice For Today’s Busy Sugar Daddies

Dating Advice For Today's Busy Sugar Daddies

New To Dating

Q: I’m new to sugar daddy dating sites and have one simple question: where should I go on my first date? I want it to be fun, but casual. Any suggestions for a newbie? -New In New York A: Well NINY, there is no one right answer to your question. Any number of date locations could be ideal for you and your sugar baby. I would suggest going to a nice restaurant. Don’t go too fancy or too simple. A nice bistro with a patio would be ideal. Somewhere that says you have money, but are not uptight about it. Perhaps suggest drinks afterwards at a hip bar to show that you have a fun side? Or you could pull the classic walk in Central Park or beachside stroll alone Coney Island. The point I’m trying to make though is that it doesn’t matter so much WHERE your date is as long as you are having a good time and especially that your sugar baby is having a good time. So NINY, just relax and suggest something that you would like to do yourself. As your goal is to find a like-minded young lover, if they are interested in your suggestion then you have already made a key connection.

Threesome Cold Feet

Threesome Cold Feet
Q: I am really into my sugar daddy but he wants to add another baby to the mix. I was initially excited about the idea, but I’m starting to have second thoughts. We were initially going to find another baby through a sugar daddy dating site, but now he has other plans. I was showing my sugar daddy some of my friends on Facebook and he seemed to really like one friend in particular. Sugar Daddy has been asking about them non-stop ever since and eventually asked me to put the question to them and offer some financial perks to them as well. This has made me feel a bit uncomfortable. While my friend knows about my sugar daddy and is open to the idea, I’m not sure how down I am to do the deed with them. I’m worried it might affect out friendship. I have no idea what to do. Please help! -Conflicted Over A Threesome A: Oh dear COAT, is seems like this one might not fit you. I want to first and foremost remind you that you NEVER have to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with. Consent and communication are the most important factors in dealing with these kind of tricky situations. I would suggest you talk to your friend before this moves any further. Be honest and open about your fears and second thoughts. Remember they are your friend and you should be able to talk to them about this. There should be no pressure to go along with it if you two do not reach an understanding on how to approach it. If you do decide to go through with it make sure you set up boundaries that you are both comfortable with. It is not worth losing your friend over one night, no matter what. As for your sugar daddy, make sure you stand up for yourself. He may be older and seemingly in charge of the situation but he must respect your wishes. He may have taken your initial enthusiasm as a go ahead and may not have noticed your new hesitation, especially if you haven’t been vocal about it. I cannot tell based on your letter if your sugar daddy is ignoring your feelings on purpose or is simply too caught up in excitement over his threesome fantasy. So I advise being careful with your sugar daddy. Maybe you could try finding a sugar baby online that you know he would be into, like your initial plan, and invite them into the fold instead. If I were your SUGAR DADDY you can bet I would be happy with any threesome involving you and another attractive sugar baby. Bottom line: Only do what you are comfortable doing. Know your limits and limitations and listen to and stick up for yourself. Made sure you’re HAVING FUN! Look For A Reliable Sugar Daddy Dating Site By Clicking Here!