Tip 6: How to Spot & Avoid Sugar Daddies Date Site Scams

How to Spot and Avoid Sugar Daddies Date Site Scams

How to Spot and Avoid Sugar Daddies Date Site Scams Sugar Daddies Date Sites have so many benefits, but like all things… there are bound to be people who will try and make a quick buck or completely stand you up and waste your time. Some people’s version of fun is plain old disruptive and unproductive but don’t let that dissuade you! Not only are there TONNES of smoking hot ladies who are REAL and want YOU, but there are plenty of ways to spot the scam and avoid it. Make sure you’re only getting the REAL DEAL with Online Sugar Daddies Date Sites. Read on and learn more about avoiding dating scams!

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 1: Is She Too Good To Be True?

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 1: Is She Too Good To Be True? There are so many busty hot Sugar Babes out there looking for their sugar daddy on all those Sugar Daddies Date Sites. They want you, and they want to please you. These Sugar Babies are REAL, but when you get to chatting with these hotties you’ll come to learn something about them: they have humanly flaws too. Maybe they don’t share an interest, or they forget to write back immediately. People have a way about them that will definitely distinguish them from bots or con artists. If you signed up for a few Online Sugar Daddies Date Sites and found someone that seems too good to be true… they might me. So use caution!

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 2: Where In The World is She?

Here’s a really big tip to see whether or not your dreamy Sugar Baby girl is real. Keep in mind: this is not a fool proof rule, and shouldn’t deter you from engaging in a great, sexy, and engaging online Sugar Daddies Date Sites conversation with someone afar, but if that sugar baby you really start getting on with online can’t meet you… well. Keep an eye out for these people! If your sugar baby needs money first to come and meet you, that’s an alarm bell! If she refuses to allow you to come to her, that’s another alarm bell. Pay attention to how your sugar baby might be attempting to evade meeting up with you. If her online Sugar Daddies Date Sites profile says she lives near you but she informs you that she’s working overseas, you might want to use some caution with her.

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 3: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

We tell you in the article on how to make a great profile for online Sugar Daddies Date Sites that everything begins with excellent photos and that your first photo should be a simple ‘headshot’ type. However, sometimes a picture looks too good to be true or too commercially professional. Pay close attention to how ‘professional headshot’ it looks, and browse through the others while you’re at it. Do they all look similar to something you’d see on an X-Rated site or stock imagery that can be purchased for a couple bucks? If you think something looks suspicious, you can try google reverse image search to see if your suspicions are really true.

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 4: Life in the Fast-lane

Combining the first point of not being able to meet face to face with another point: immediately wanting to IM or Email or immediately wanting to go to your place or have you come to theirs might be a sign of a scammer. Online Sugar Daddies Date Sites have a FAR more secure in their messaging systems than taking the conversation off the website would be. Make sure you build up a good conversation with her first before you jump into action. We KNOW you’re eager to get your sugar baby and start this exciting and sexy lifestyle, and sometimes things just click! However, we HIGHLY recommend meeting face to face in a public place and then heading to the bedroom. And keep that conversation on the site!

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 5: Communication Breakdown

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 5: Communication Breakdown Have you ever had those emails from ‘interested parties’ that want to work for you or are asking money for their daughter’s surgery? You know those scam emails. At first it sounds promising but then you click it and the writing is riddled with errors! This is something important to keep an eye out for. If they say they’ve lived near you their whole life but their grammar is so notably poor that you question the legitimacy, that is a red flag! They also may have trouble answering spontaneous questions or carrying to decent and normal conversation that someone would keep while getting to know one another. Keep these things in mind!

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 6: Show Me The Money

Here’s a huge one and we touched base on it in the first point. If someone is asking for money straight up when you’ve just signed up for Sugar Daddies Date Sites without even meeting you first, that’s a big red flag. While part of being a sugar baby is getting dotted on and generously taken care of, the sugar daddy should be cautious about handing over the goods too soon. Usually, a sugar baby looking for a quick dollar will say she needs money for a visa, or passport, or plane tickets. That’s completely fine when you know her well enough and you want to treat your sugar baby to a vacation in paradise overseas. While the sugar daddy SHOULD be generous, he shouldn’t fall for things like a family member being in the hospital or other emergencies that come straight out of the gate before they even get to know one another.

Sugar Daddies Date Site Scam 7: Go With Your Gut

At the end of the day, your common sense is the best tool you have to avoid scams and instead find that red hot mama who is going to treat you right in exchange for all your generosity. The upside is, paid sites have much lower incidents of scamming due to the commitment of payment! It’s far ore secure, and far more likely to get you the sugar baby you want.


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