– Not For All Ages – That’s For Sure – Not For All Ages – That’s For Sure


About This site is probably one of the lowest forms of online sugar daddy dating sites that you will find. It was nothing short of terrible. My first impression of thesugarbabes, was that the site was put together by a couple of school girls. I was not impressed by the site, or the women on it. While I was able to see some of the women on this site on the homepage, my first thought when I saw them, was that I might be smart to simply move on, and find another site. I took a chance, however, and as much as I would love to be able to say that my experience going forward was a pleasant one, I am unfortunately unable to do so. Although it seems like a good site in theory, It isn’t attracting high end ladies, and it certainly doesn’t feel like the appropriate forum for a middle aged man – until you look at the photos, and you then wonder, ‘Who exactly are they advertising this site to?’ This was an awful online dating experience.

Results Of Using

I spent 3 months reaching out to women on this site, and out of 70 women contacted, I received 39 responses (quite high), but only had 1 date. I could have closed the deal on the date, but I opted not to. What can I say? These women were definitely not the type of sugar baby material I was looking for. I definitely like to have someone who’s a little bit more cultured than any of the women that I chatted with on this site, and my guess would be that, once the top notch sugar babies saw this site was for sugar daddy dating, they decided to bypass it, and hey, who could blame them? If you’re looking for a fairly high number of quick flings, then might be for you, but if you’re interested in quality over quantity, then keep moving on in your search for a more elite sugar daddy dating website.

Negative Features Of This Site left a lot to be desired, but the following are some of the most notable. Firstly, not only does this site seem like it was dreamed up by 2 high school girls (good for them, if so), it actually functions more like a social media site, than a dating site. Even the pricing gave the impression of, ‘discount’. There’s Free $0, Silver $25/month, Gold $75/six months, Platinum $120/12 months. It really felt like something that teens and 20 somethings would enjoy, as opposed to a wealthy, middle-aged man. I didn’t like the way that the site functioned over all, and again, it seemed to have more of the feel of a social networking site, than an elite online dating site. The money spent was not worth it, nor was the time spent. Sad, but true, you’re not going to find a high quality sugar baby on thesugarbabes.

Conclusion Of Review

Although the signup process was a fairly simple one, once I was signed in, I realized immediately, just how much I did not enjoy using this site. I did finally figure it out, and started making connections, but I didn’t really feel that I was having much in the way of fun. I wasn’t connecting with the women on this site as well as I would have liked. Although I received many responses, they just didn’t really feel like they were what I was looking for – and what I’m always looking for, is a good catch! Someone I can take on my boat with me, who can socialize with my peers and I, and feel in her element. I didn’t feel that any of the women I met on this site fit the bill for what I wanted. One of the worst selections of sugar babies you’ll find online. I’ve very happily closed down my account and moved on from this site. Want to find all of the best information on sugar daddy dating sites? CLICK HERE.