– Not A Very Good First Impression – Not A Very Good First Impression


About They say first impressions are the most important, and this really rang true when I approached this site. My first impression of, is that it has to be a scam. The site felt more like an annoying online form, than a sugar daddy dating site. After I completed filling out the forms, I was then directed to a page which gave me the option of purchasing silver or gold memberships for $29.95/mo and $34.95/mo, respectively. This wasn’t a problem, but the setup was such that this site seemed like it was trying to present itself as a free site, yet trick people into paying – not only monthly memberships, which is fine – but other various fees, which made it feel like a scam to me. I’d rather pay much more money to use a site that is upfront about its pricing, and get started with browsing my matches. No such luck on this sugar daddy dating site , however. I question whether the ladies who are dating sugar daddies from this site are getting their small, monthly membership fee worth of services from sugardaddyforme.

Results Of Using

After 3 months of use, my findings were not good. In addition to finding fees that I had to call my credit card company about on my bill, the experience of dating women I met on this site was mediocre, at best. I reached out to 75 women. Of these 75 women, I received 40 responses – which sounds good – but is it? I ended up going out on about 15 dates. These seemed more like overdone, desperate women who were lacking in confidence, than beautiful, confident sugar babies who know what they want. I realize that in the end, they both want money, but in terms of companionship, the women I met on this site were not what I would consider to be long-term material. I even managed to come across a couple of stage 5 clingers, which really put me off of contacting any more women on sugardaddyforme. I hadn’t had that experience before, and it’s definitely not what I signed up for.

Negative Features Of This Site

There are plenty of negatives to address, starting with the fact that this site looks cheap to begin with. It’s not user-friendly, and it really does come across as a scam site when you look at it. This was not a laid back, online sugar daddy dating experience. As a man with means, I would also hope that a DATING SITE FOR SUGAR DADDIES would allow for international connections. This site seems completely dedicated to the US, which is fine, but it really does limit your sugar baby search options. Signing up was more of a hassle than anything. I didn’t like the structure at all, and, ‘forms’ are the last thing that anyone wants to think about completing when it comes to having a fun, online sugar daddy dating experience – they even called them forms, which left an even worse taste in my mouth.

Conclusion Of Review

Please don’t use this site. It is, by far, one of the worst sites you will ever try. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There is far more hassle than enjoyment involved, in everything from signing up, to paying, to even some of the women you meet. is not at all what I would consider to be a high end, quality dating site for sugar daddies. There are some really good, high quality, sugar daddy dating sites out there, and I would basically recommend trying any of them before even giving consideration to signing up for this site. I’m still disputing charges on my credit card from this site, and I’ve had to change my phone number to avoid the clingers I’ve had the misfortune of connecting with – twice! Pass this one by, fellas. It’s not worth your time. To Find A Reliable Sugar Daddy Dating Site, CLICK HERE