– Not A Site Worth Signing Up For – Not A Site Worth Signing Up For


About When I looked this site up, I was brought to the home page, which I didn’t quite understand. is a site that is more confusing to understand than anything else at first. It felt like a secret because I didn’t know what I was signing up for. The purpose of this sugar daddy dating site was very unclear. I started to get the feeling that this site was definitely a scam, and I was hesitant to sign up as a result. I pressed on however, hoping that as I moved forward, I would be able to figure it out and hopefully start meeting some sugar babies. Upon creating my account, I was able to see some of the women on this site, and I was not at all impressed with what I saw. With the exception of a couple of cute sugar babies, the women were all older and unattractive. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t have any display pictures on the home page.

Results Of Using

I used the site for three months, and the overall experience was not a good one. Although I received several responses to my messages, they were not responses from top caliber women – mostly because there were not many top caliber women to choose from on this site. seems more like a site for desperate women, than a site where you will be able to connect with cute sugar babies. Out of 100 messages sent, I received 10 replies, and the opportunity to go on 8 dates, 5 of which I did go out on. Some of the women I met on secretbenefits were pleasant to spend time with, don’t get me wrong, but they were definitely not the type of women that I hope to meet on a sugar daddy dating site. I did close the deal with one of my dates, but it felt more like a mercy bang than anything else. It was probably the most successful date I had had using this site, but the sparks weren’t exactly flying. It was at about this time that I made the not-so-difficult decision to close my secretbenefits account, and continue using some of the other, far better, sites that I had signed up for.

Negative Features Of This Site

There are too many negatives to count on this site, unfortunately, but I’ll state the obvious deal breakers. First, as I mentioned earlier, I had no idea what the purpose of this terrible site was (still not sure I do). When you login to your site, there are a bunch of profile pics of users that you can see, and limited dashboard options. There are credits that you can purchase, to apparently see secret photos, etc. and I didn’t really feel the need to see these photos, so I never did make a point of purchasing any of these mystery credits. This seems to be a dating site that has no specific purpose, and is not at all geared toward sugar daddies looking to meet sugar babies. This seems like more of a very random hookup site.

Conclusion Of Review

My final thoughts on this site are that it is cheaply thrown together, and serves no specific purpose. Truly one of the worst online dating experiences I’ve ever had. It has no niche, and although there are certainly women that you can meet on this site, they’re not going to be high caliber sugar babies, who are suited for men with money who want to spoil them. Some nice women? Sure, but, ‘drop dead gorgeous’, and ‘I want to take you out on my boat’ did not come to my mind once, on any of the dates I went out on with women from this site. Save yourself the time and energy. There are far better free sugar daddy dating sites out there, and I would strongly suggest checking ANY of them out, before taking the time to join You’re not missing out on anything. For the best reviews on sugar daddy dating sites CLICK HERE.