– This Is Not A Site For Sugar Daddy Dating – This Is Not A Site For Sugar Daddy Dating


About is an interesting online dating site, for its target demographic. If you’re looking for a good online sugar daddy dating site, is not the one. This site is for people on the same playing field, professionally. It’s also very limited in terms of who it will allow to become members, which limits many options for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. Although there is a free profile that you can setup, there are still additional costs that are involved, (i.e purchasing, ‘coins’, etc.) It’s an esthetically pleasing site, however it also has a lot of other limitations, in addition to the difficulty signing up, and the overall pretentiousness of the site in general, which is sure to make it one of the worst sites you will ever visit online. It was interesting to try this site, but I didn’t enjoy using it at all, and in retrospect, there was no fun had – whatsoever – while using this site. I found it to be a terrible experience.

Results Of Using

It seems that the amount of members on this site is somewhat limited, likely due to the target clientele, but I gave it a try, and here are the results. Out of 15 women contacted, I had 4 dates, and I could have closed the deal once, if I could have have been able to stand being in the same room as this woman for another 10 minutes. As it turns out, I couldn’t. No loss on my end. I would have parted ways with her feeling annoyed, and covered in spray tan. This experience is not something that I would recommend to sugar daddies at all. No sugar baby is going to be looking for her first date with a sugar daddy on this site. The ladies that you want to pamper and treat, who are looking for that specific experience are going to be found elsewhere. These are pretentious women who are as shallow as they are fake. I found them to be boring, entitled, and difficult to relax and have a good time with. These are some of the worst dates I’ve ever been on.

Negative Features Of This Site

Where do I start? This site was a site for pretentious snobs, who clearly think that they’re better than anyone else. I have lots of money, but my looks seemed to be a bit of a cause for question to those guarding the gates of superficiality you need to grant passage through, in order to join this site. This was not at all a site for sugar daddies who are looking to meet sugar babies who want sugar daddy dates. You won’t find any sugar babies to spoil on a first date with a sugar daddy on this site, as they’re all mostly spoiled rotten already. The functionality was limited. There was no way to add anyone to your favorites, which made it really difficult to recall who I actually enjoyed speaking with, and who I didn’t care to connect with again. You either had to send a rose, or you could send a message, provided that you have paid for a premium account.

Conclusion Of Review

To conclude this review, I’m going to come out and say, ‘Move on, fellas! You’re wasting your time here.’ If you’re looking for a shallow woman who has stacked away a good amount of money herself, then this is the site for you. If you’re looking for a sweet sugar baby, who is looking for her first sugar daddy date, it is most certainly not for you. The thing I enjoyed the most about joining this site, was shutting my account down. I get it, they have a target demographic. No problem. My looks apparently were in question during the initial sign-up phase, but it would appear that I somehow managed to squeak through, and enter this shallow wading pool of pretentious snobs. I have money, too, but I also have manners. I also like to date women who are confident, yet still have manners themselves. This site prides itself on being exclusive to the rich and beautiful, so if you’re looking for sweet sugar babies, as I said before, move on, fellas! If you’re looking for the best information available online, regarding sugar daddy dating sites,CLICK HERE.