HoneyDaddy.com – Drama Free? I’m Not So Sure About That

HoneyDaddy.com – Drama Free? I’m Not So Sure About That

About honeydaddy.com

About honeydaddy.com I’ve found that, generally speaking, when you go to a sugar daddy dating site, it’s usually pretty easy to understand what type of site it is by reading the information on the home page. When I went onto HoneyDaddy.com, I had a hard time understanding whether this was a site for people who strictly want to hook up, want to connect on a deeper level, or both. Thus began the mission to discover the purpose of this site. It suggests, on the home page, that the algorithm works based on my daily activity…but which aspect is that, exactly? I still can’t say I’m entirely sure. The main words I would use to describe this site are, ‘vague’, and, ‘inaccessible’. A major hassle for a minor payoff, really. One of the worst online dating experiences I’ve ever had.

Results Of Using HoneyDaddy.com

After 3 months, I had some pretty good responses on this site. Of the 75 women I reached out to, I ended up going out on 9 dates, and admittedly, I did close the deal 4 times. I had fun with these women, but absolutely no connection, and although we are sugar daddies, looking for women on a rich sugar daddy dating site, we still do want quality women. I had fun on a couple of the nights, but overall, I wouldn’t call the women I had met top notch at all. The sex was fun, but these would never be women that I’d want to introduce to anyone, and I definitely want a sugar baby who is beautiful, classy, and educated enough to carry on conversations with my peers in social situations. These girls don’t seem to be on honeydaddy.com.

Negative Features Of This Site

Apart from initially having no clue whether this site was strictly for hookups, or for more serious connections as well, there were no pictures of sugar babies on the home page for honeydaddy.com. Right away, I was disappointed. We all want to see at least a taste of what a site has to offer, before we spend the time to sign up. As I continued through the signup process, I was asked, before even having a chance to browse through any of the women, how much money I might be willing to spend on a sugar baby. I’m happy to spend my money, but like most people, I want to see the quality of the goods, prior to making any type of commitment to a purchase. Once I had made it through the several steps required to get started, I then had to wait for my profile to be reviewed and to receive an activation link in my email. This (for better or worse) gave me the opportunity to watch an entire episode of, ‘Top Gear’. By the time it was over, I almost forgot what I was waiting for in the first place. I get that this is for safety reasons, and that’s understandable, but there is certainly no ease of access for sugar daddies who want to use this site. This was the absolute worst start to using an online dating site that I’ve ever had. I wish I could say that there was even one aspect that I enjoyed about using this site. I can’t though.

Conclusion Of Review

This site really isn’t worth the time it takes to get signed up. Once you’re finally able to get your profile verified, and receive an email with the verification link, you could have signed up for a much better dating sites for sugar daddies, with much higher caliber women. These aren’t exactly the kind of women that are likely going to be able to keep up a conversation with your peers. I believe that only one woman I dated from this site was college educated, and while that’s not necessarily a deal breaker, I did give me an accurate indication of what the majority of the women on this sugar daddy dating site were like. Overall, for the amount of hassle you go through, just to get setup for what already appears to be a scam – before you even have a chance to browse women – this site is not worth it. It just isn’t. For the best information on reliable sugar daddy dating sites, CLICK HERE.